about us

Funky Beginnings;

David and Anthony. Two brothers, one goal... To put a smile on your face. 

The Funky Elder concept was born out of the love of laughter. One summer day in 1995 while watching a basketball game at a local park, we noticed an old silver haired guy sitting on a bench. He wore a pair of Chuck Taylor tennis shoes, black dress socks, a hearing aid and a thick pair of bifocals. The guy had to be in his mid to late 60's. Our Initial assumption was that the old fella was a spectator until he stood up and began to stretch. Ten minutes later this guy was all over the court, rebounding, throwing alley oops and giving as good as he was getting against guys a quarter of his age. Before long a crowd of onlookers had gathered, every one of them in total disbelief. David yelled out "funky elder" and everyone laughed. That name was an inside joke among the brothers to describe anybody up in age that still had style and refused to grow old. Inspired by the elder, they immediately went home and started brainstorming about shirt designs and slogans. "We created this cool, energetic, and yes some may say sexy, older guy who may look old by all appearances but who is still young at heart and refuses to quit". 

The idea took on a life of its own. When an initial test run of 100 t-shirts sold out within a couple of days, we new we were on to something. "Everyone had to have a shirt for themselves, for their kid in college or their grandparents". We decided this should be much more than just t-shirts, it would be a full line of products. From coffee mugs and messenger bags to key chains and posters, the ideas and inspiration kept flowing. 

The Funky Elder is the perfect mascot and pitch-man for a brand who's goal is not only to make you "look good" while wearing it, but also make you "feel good" about wearing it. Our goal is to "MOTIVATE" people of all ages to live, laugh, and have fun. It is a brand that "INSPIRE'S" through cool and fun designs. "ENCOURAGE'S" people not to judge or underestimate others, and especially not themselves. Funky Elder is about "RESPECT", and that youthful, "can do", spirit that we all possess. Respect and a positive attitude has no demographic. Thats why Funky Elder appeals to all generations, young and old alike. His message is simple...."Respect The Elder"... and oh yeah, "Have a Funky Day".